1953 MV Agusta Ovunque

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Post Sale Update: After 24 bids on eBay, this MV Agusta Ovunque sold for $5,100.

The MV Agusta Ovunque was one of the few modest bikes MV produced to help fund their impressive racing aspirations. Like Ferrari today, consumer models helped propel the parent Italian company to several world championships – 37 of them, in MV’s case.

MV Agusta Ovunque - Front

MV made several different scooters until 1952, when all model lines were replaced with the Ovunque (which translates to everywhere). Featuring a 125cc engine, three-speed gearbox, and a cheap tubular frame designed to lower costs, the MV Agusta Ovunque was only produced for a couple of years before MV took a break from scooters.

MV Agusta Ovunque - Engine

This specific MV Agusta Ovunque is in good shape, though there’s the minor cosmetic issue of a dent on the running boards. After being restored, this bike sat in a collection until it was purchased earlier this year. The seller bough it for his wife, though they have never tried to start it up and are now selling it. We’ll never understand why you’d buy a bike and never at least ride it once. Want to learn more? Surprisingly, MV Agusta has a specs pdf you can reference on their Italian site. Find it here.

MV Agusta Ovunque - Rear

Find this MV Agusta Ovunque for sale here on eBay with bidding at $1,025 in Fredericksburg, Texas.

MV Agusta Ovunque - Wheel