Needs a Tune Up – 1967 Dnepr with Sidecar

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The seller claims this is ex-Russian military, though I don’t see any proof of that given. Still, it was apparently a museum piece that was put back on the road and it will need a tune-up.

The bike was imported from Ukraine and it comes with all the stuff you’d want to see from a military bike displayed at a museum – machine gun mount, ammo boxes, jerrycans of gas, map and shovel mounts, collapsible radio antenna, and more. It definitely looks cool, and I hope the next owner is able to reliably get it back on the road. Well, as reliable as a 60s Dnepr can be. Find this Dnepr for sale here on Craigslist in Fort Collins, Colorado for $7,500.

Dnepr with Sidecar - Front Right

This is the first time I’ve had multiple readers send me the same bike – so I’ll just note the first two: this bike-uriousity brought to you by R. Anderson and Reed S.!