R90 Engine – 2006 Ural Patrol

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When it comes to swapping in an older BMW twin engine into a Ural, the man to know is Richard Winters, known as Bural on the Soviet Steeds forum. He’s performed this conversion several times (and now has a waiting list for his work) – here’s an example if you’re not the patient type.

Ural Tourist - Front Right

The seller has had this bike for two years and he says that he’s completely gone through it, adjusting the valves, replacing the ignition, alternator, rectifier, regulator (a whole lot of the electrical system). The engine is from a ’77 BMW R90 and the whole rig now has the seat from a 2010 Ural, a new clutch with pushrod (the conversion requires a custom pushrod each time you change the clutch) and a new mainshaft and seals in the transmission. You’ll get some spare parts, the original seat, and tool kit.

Find this BMW-powered Ural for sale in Anaheim, California for $7,500 here on ADVRider (registration required).

Photos courtesy of Mark D’Ambrosio!