546 Miles – 2006 Kawasaki KLR650/HDT M1030M1

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KLR fans, take a close look at that motor. If it looks different than what you’re used to, it’s because this is a diesel-powered Kawasaki built by Hayes Diversified Technologies for the US Marine Corps. Hayes actually built 3 military Kawis – a gas-powered bike based on the KLR250 (M1030), another gas-powered bike but based on the KLR650 (M1030B1), and the diesel-powered M1030M1. The diesel converted bikes were created as the military uses JP-8 diesel for nearly everything, and while it was the most common of the trio in military service it is probably the hardest to civilians to find.

Read more about the conversion here on the New York Times – apparently at 55 mph the diesel bike could achieve 96 miles per gallon! The military bike received other upgrades over the civilian bike, like a AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery that won’t spill upon tipover, Progressive suspension, Acerbis 6 gallon fuel tank, wider foot pegs, and skid plate. It also got a new light control system that allowed for complete “blackout” to make it harder to spot.

This example (VIN: JKAKLEA172DA00851) has just 546 miles and it’s offered by a seller who owns two of them. He replaced all the filters, changed the oil, cleaned the fuel system, rebuilt the petcock, and then took it out for a little ride.

Find this M1030M1 for sale in Saint Cloud, Minnesota with bidding up to $14,950 and the reserve already met here on eBay.