1972 Alsport Steen Hodaka

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Post-Listing Update: This Steen did not meet reserve with 12 bids up to $1,706.

In 1967, John Steen discontinued the first run of his Taco mini bikes and started selling Hodakas. On the side, he also created custom dirt bikes using Hodaka engines like the 100cc Alsport Steen. Conveniently, John didn’t just sell Hodakas – he was also an importer for Ceriani suspension and Rickman Metisse parts, so he just raided his corporate parts bins to create some impressive little dirt bikes.

Alsport Steen Hodaka - Engine

These bikes utilized Ceriani forks and shocks, Hodaka engines, and Rickman handlebars. The 98cc engine produced 9.8 horsepower and the entire thing weighed 125 pounds. MSRP was $399. In ’69, Steen sold the company to Suburban Gas and unfortunately, they let the minibikes lapse. Four years later, the Steen minibike was done. For more on the history of Steen, check out Steen’s Taco Minibikes.

Alsport Steen Hodaka - Left Side

This example (VIN: 3267340) was just restored – the frame was repainted, the engine was rebuilt by Hodaka Dave Rozier, and everything is claimed to work. The seller gives a long list of NOS parts that were used, and he/she notes that the engine has three heat cycles in it. Many Alsport Steen’s came with leading link front suspension but this has Showa front forks and shocks.

Find this Steen Hodaka for sale in Union, Missouri with bidding up to $1,655.99 and the reserve not yet met