1984 Kawasaki KDX200

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As Dirt Bike Magazine put it in their model history of the KDX200, “To this day, no one can clearly define the Kawasaki KDX200. Was it a beginner bike designed to teach wives and kids the fine art of off-road riding? Or was it a Navy SEAL of a bike built for the toughest enduros and the most grizzled riders? Clearly it was used as both.”

The model was introduced in 1980 as a 175, it became a 200 in 1983. It ended up being produced through 2006 with few changes: “One of the reasons that Kawasaki engineers made so few changes was because they were afraid they would mess up the magic formula. The KDX sold thousands of units, year in and year out, without any need for reinvestment. The reason it appealed to beginners is clear—it was light, mild-mannered and inexpensive. The reason it appealed to the hardcore enduro cult has something to do with the off-road war between the states. The rift between East Coast riders and West Coast riders goes back decades. In the east, races were tight and tough. Out west, they were fast and angry. The KDX became the poster bike of the east, while bigger, faster, motocross-based bikes dominated the deserts. Kawasaki clearly didn’t care who was buying the ’DX. It continued to sell, and no other manufacturer really caught on. Aside from brief intrusions on its turf, the KDX200 was in a class of one for years.”

This example (VIN: JH2RC3609TM600429) has been upgraded with Race Tech suspension, a DG silencer, DID chain, new sprockets, new tires, Pro taper bars, Cycra handguards, Renthal grips, and a few other goodies. Go putt around your local trail or try your hand at some vintage racing!

Find this KDX for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with a BIN of $3,500 or best offer here on eBay.