No Reserve – 1994 Kawasaki ZXR400

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The liveries of the 90s are some of my favorites, and I think the black/purple/pink paint jobs that Kawasaki and Suzuki offered are absolutely fantastic – but they weren’t offered in the US! Over at Iconic we have a rare-in-the-US example of the ZXR400 rocking a delightfully 90s paintjob.

Introduced in 1989, the ZXR400 was one of the first and most popular of the 400 cubic centimeter sport bikes that swept across Japan (and later Europe) in the 1990s. The H model was produced first, and it was superseded by the L series in 1991. The L series had increased horsepower but less torque, and updated slimmer rear styling. The ZXR featured an impressive 14,500 rpm redline, which is a hint that the 398cc inline four needed to be worked hard to make speedy progress.

This 1994 ZXR400 made ~64 hp @ 13,000 rpm, with almost 27 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, it weighed in at 351lbs dry with a top speed approaching 140mph. It was a surprisingly capable all-around mount: reasonably comfortable for commuting or getting to the twisty bits, at which point you could enjoy great handling due to the small size and weight paired with quality components: upside down fork, Uni-trak rear suspension, and an aluminum chassis. Many reviewers felt that it delivered more performance than anything else in its category.

This example (VIN: ZX400L041793) was imported from Japan and the odometer shows 4,805 miles. We gave it a basic service plus new tires so it’s ready to ride. Modifications include a few minor parts as well as an exhaust from a company I hadn’t heard of before – Sansei Racing. I got a kick out of their motto: “THE EXAUST [sic] SYSTEM GENERATE HIGH POWER.”

Find this ZXR400 for sale in Santa Monica, California with bidding up to $2,750 here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.