Rare For The Wrong Reason – 1973 Penton Mudlark

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Post Listing Update: This Mudlark did not meet reserve despite 23 bids up to $7,400.

Every once in a while, we encounter a bike that’s rare not by choice. Today’s example of that is the Penton Mudlark, one of the rare flops from John Penton and his self-titled, now defunct, manufacturing firm. Originally designed as a trials bike, it was even called the “Penton Trials” when it was released. Almost immediately, it was met with poor reviews. First – a little bit about Penton. The founder, John Penton, was a champion enduro rider, who thought he could do better. He was quite successful, and was eventually bought out by KTM.

Penton Mudlark - Left Side

As the story goes, back in ’73, Penton was buying Sachs engines as part of a contract with KTM. For whatever reason, KTM forced Penton to buy lots of 2nd tier engines before they’d allow him to get the top-tier ones for his race bikes. He decided to throw the “B” engines into a trials bike, the production of which he contracted out to an English fabrication firm called Wassel. It wasn’t very good, and it became the Mudlark. On paper, it doesn’t seem so bad – 123cc Sachs engine, 6-speed transmission, 190 pounds and 12 inches of ground clearance. In the real world, however, it flopped. Thus, finding a Mudlark is now a difficult task – but that’s what you’ve got us for! I’ll just leave you with this – Rick Sieman of SuperHunky called this the 3rd worst dirt bike of all time.

Penton Mudlark - Right Side

This specific Penton Mudlark has just been restored, and is basically ‘as new’ again. The Sachs engine has been refreshed, which is less obvious than the lovely cosmetic restoration. The seller notes that importantly, this bike has all the correct decals – impressive for a 40 year old bike.

Penton Mudlark - Side Cover

Find this Penton Mudlark for sale here on eBay with bidding up to $3,249 and the reserve not yet met in Upland, California.

Penton Mudlark - Tank