Buy An Entire MX Park!

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Today I’m not featuring an interesting MX bike for sale. Instead, I’m featuring a place where you can go to enjoy riding, as Monster Mountain MX Park in Tallassee, Alabama is up for sale for the price of $950,000. Who wants to go in on a group buy with me?

Your investment of nearly $1 million gets you a 200 acre facility with multiple tracks, 5 miles of hare scramble trails, a 2400 square foot shop with retail sales area, 4000 square foot building with a gym and lodging, concession stand, bathrooms, showers, and maintenance equipment like a water truck, bulldozer, and tractors.

Here’s a video that Monster Mountain put out 5 years ago about what makes them special:

We just need 1,900 people at $500 a pop!

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