1913 Rex Brooklands

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Post-Listing Update: After 31 bids, this Rex Brooklands did not meet reserve at $22,322 on eBay.

Rex was a British motorcycle company founded in 1900. It survived 2 mergers and 33 years of existence before closing up shop, and in its prime was considered one of the best marques in British motorcycling. One of their partnerships was with JA Prestwich Industries, also known as JAP, who provided V-Twin engines to power motorcycles, especially race bikes like the Rex Brooklands featured here.

Rex Brooklands - Right

Rex was one of the first companies to feature a dropped top tube, which allowed for a more stable riding position as the seat could be lower than before. This was one of the first milestones in the development of the modern motorcycle chassis, differentiating itself from bicycle frames of the time. In addition, Rex was one of the first British manufacturers to offer a sprung front fork, as well as innovating a free engine clutch, two speed hub gear, and a ‘beehive’ silencer incorporated with the cylinder heads.

Rex Brooklands - Front Right

This specific Rex Brooklands has had an old restoration and has been converted to a 3-speed rear hub. It is currently in working order, and the videos are an absolute treat to watch:

In 2008, this bike sold for $24,500 in Las Vegas.

Just one month ago, it sold for $23,000 in San Diego.

Rex Brooklands - Left Side

So, let’s see what it sells for now…find this Rex Brooklands for sale here on eBay with bidding up to $12,600 and the reserve not yet met in San Diego, California.

Rex Brooklands - Engine