1920 Harley-Davidson JD Racer

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Post-Sale Update: This Harley-Davidson JD Racer sold for $17,100 on eBay.

By 1920, HD was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer – with dealerships in 67 countries. One of their featured bikes at the time was the 1000cc Harley-Davidson JD, which became the first motorcycle to ever win a race with an average speed of over 100 mph in 1921, on a board track in Fresno, California.

Harley-Davidson JD Racer - Engine

The seller includes a video of startup with a quick run down the street:

This specific Harley-Davidson JD has been turned into a board track racer. The seller says the most modern part on it is a ’28 front end, but then notes there’s a ’34 rebuilt carb on it. The paint on the gas tank is original, and there’s some old lead repairs. Interestingly enough, a 1920 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar was pressed into the custom stem cap, and the kill button is a polished green stone. This bike has both a foot and hand clutch.

Harley-Davidson JD Racer - Left Side

Find this Harley-Davidson JD Racer for sale in Redwood City, Californa with bidding up to $15,500

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