1940s Brockhouse Corgi

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A civilian version of the Excelsior Villiers Welbike, the Corgi was produced between 1948 and 1954 – 27,050 units were created. Based on the estimated year of production, I’m going to guess this is a Mk1, which means it has to be bump started. Either way, the Corgi was also known as the Indian Papoose when it was imported to the US in limited numbers.

Brockhouse Corgi - Front Plate

This example is claimed to be in nice condition, the seller thinks it had been restored in the past. He/She has just had it on display and while he/she hasn’t tried to start it, the claim is that the engine has great compression and spark. The engine is a two-stroker that displaces 98cc, and there’s just one gear. There’s no suspension but the handlebars and seat fold in – remember that the Welbike that this is based on was designed to fit in a tube that would be dropped out of planes in wartime.

Brockhouse Corgi - Rear

Find this Corgi for sale in West Boston, Massachusetts for $3,500 here on Craigslist.