1959 Csepel Danuvia

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The Csepel Danuvia was fairly popular in its home country of Hungary, but only an estimated 200 made it to the US as official exports in the early 70s.

Csepel Danuvia - Cockpit

This is the Hungarian version of the DKW RT125, possibly the most copied motorcycle ever. The Danuvia features a 123cc single-cylinder that produced 4.5 horsepower. Combined with a 3-speed transmission, it was capable of hitting about 45 miles per hour.

Csepel Danuvia - Engine

This specific Csepel Danuvia (VIN: 740274) is claimed to be original, (though it’s mentioned that it received a very thorough restoration in Hungary a few years ago before it was imported into the US) and in great working order. The bike does not have an odometer so mileage is unknown, but it does come with two manuals – one in German and one in English. And check out that adorable horn!

Csepel Danuvia - Left Side

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