1964 Moto Guzzi Falcone Policia

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Intorduced in 1950 as Guzzi’s flagship model, the Falcone was a popular purchase for Italian military and police. That was one of three variants Moto Guzzi offered – the others were the Turismo and the Sport. The Sports are often cloned by “restorers” who start with Turismo or Policia models, but this offering proudly displays its civil service beginnings (despite an “older correct” restoration).

The Falcone got plenty of updates over its long production run, though the only change from ’59 until ’65 was the addition of a 60W Marelli regulator, which was twice as powerful as the previous component. By this point the model also had auto advance ignition, taller headlight, and cylindrical exhaust (which replaced the fishtails in 1956).

The seller of this example says it’s in “excellent running condition”, noting that it will cruise at 60 mph all day. he or she has impressively owned it for 30 years and says you can “ride it anywhere with confidence.”

Find this Falcone for sale in Putney, Vermont for $15,947 here on Craigslist.

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