1965 Skat Kitty Minibike

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The Skat Kitty was one of many American minibikes of the 60s, but it stands out as it was the first production “scooter” with a cast aluminum frame and fender assembly. It was sold by Projects Unlimited out of Dayton, Ohio, and this is probably only going to appeal to someone who either had one themselves as a kid (or had a friend with one decades ago).

The Skat Kitty was able to carry 250 pounds even though it weighed just 65 pounds. The engine was a 2.5 horsepower side-valve four-stroke Lauson unit which was capable of returning 100 miles per gallon. If you didn’t weigh too much, you could hit 25 miles per hour. Options included a lighting kit, electric horn, and even a sidecar.

This example is said to be “original and unmolested” with an extra seat and a chrome seat bracket. Find it for sale in Galveston, Texas with a BIN of $1,800

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