1966 Bultaco Campera

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I thought I knew a good amount about bikes until I started this site – here’s yet another model I’ve never heard of, the Bultaco Campera. The Campera was a dual sport (complete with a cool scrambler-style exhaust) offered in varying displacements – this is a 175cc example of the first generation.

Bultaco Campera - Front Left

Marketed as a “city bike that’s home in the woods”, the Campera 175cc put out 16 horsepower, was capable of 70 miles per hour, and got 76 miles per gallon. Check out this link for an amusing period ad of the Campera, which declares, “Girls know…where there’s a Bultaco there’s a man!”, and “Girls may not understand Bultaco’s Campera, but they understand men.”

Bultaco Campera - Rear Right

This specific Bultaco Campera may look pretty worn (and it probably is, as it hasn’t been registered for decades), but it does start, run, and stop. It’s complete and even comes with the factory tools, presenting an interesting opportunity for someone to take care of any mechanical work and have a bike that looks like it’s gone through a lot but still runs great.

Bultaco Campera - Left Side

Find this Campera for sale here on Craigslist in Daytona Beach, Florida for $2,200.

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