1968 Bultaco Metralla

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Post Sale Update: This Metralla sold for $6,100 after 46 bids on eBay.

One of the definitive Spanish street bikes of all time, the Bultaco Metralla (Spanish for “shrapnel”) was appropriately named as it when it was the world’s fastest production 2-stroke bike when it debuted. In the seller’s words, this example “is the culmination of 7 years of work and thousands of dollars in parts, paint, polishing and chrome plating.” Despite his hard work, it now sits in his garage and it needs a new owner. It’s not perfect – there’s an oil leak and it doesn’t have a title – but this has already met reserve and it’s going to get a new owner.

The Metralla made 28 horsepower – not necessarily a blistering amount but the bike weighs just over 200 pounds dry! The seller says that back in 1970 he was riding his Bultaco Matador around and when he saw a high school teacher’s Metralla he knew he had to have one. It took him 40 years, but he got an example in boxes and then restored it. He rode it a few times in club events and won “Best European” at the motorcycle show at the Isle of Vashon TT. But now it sits in his garage and it’s time for someone to become the new caretaker.

There’s an oil leak, and as I mentioned above there’s no title. In addition, the current fuel is “old and smells funny” so I don’t know why the seller hasn’t just drained the tank but it looks like that’ll be your job instead. It’s not perfect, but considering the prices I’ve seen these bikes go for, this could be a cheap way to get a Metralla if you’re willing to put a little time into it. Find this Metralla for sale in Redmond, Washington with bidding up to $5,500 and the reserve met