1969 Velorex 16/350

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Is it a motorcycle? The Velorex 16/350 only has one rear wheel, making it a possibility in my mind…

Velorex started making cars in about 1945 in Czechoslovakia with their first 3 wheeled model. A tube frame with fabric body panels powered by either CZ or Jawa motors. From the start Velorex emphasized reliability over performance and by 1969 the cars used the bullet proof Jawa 350 for motivation.

The Jawa 350 produced in 1969 used a 343 CC two stroke air cooled parallel twin motor that made all of 28 HP with a 4 speed transmission. The Velorex car weighed 683 pounds which made for a cruising speed of 37 MPH and a top speed of 53 MPH. The car is chain driven and looks to use the same transmission as the motorcycle that the power unit was taken from. I simply can not tell if the car used the Jawa oil injection system or if fuel had to be mixed.

This Velorex 16/350 car (VIN # 572002946) is in Saint Louis, Missouri and is listed as a 35,090 mile survivor. The body panels are all said to be in good shape, as are the mechanicals. The car is currently bid at $2,370.67 with reserve not met

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