1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona

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This 1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona, also known as the T100R, was named after a Triumph win in the Daytona 200 race. Many people though that this was a better bike than it’s bigger brother, as it had nearly all the power but a much lighter chassis which was easier to maneuver.

Triumph Tiger Daytona - 2

Cycle World called this bike a “Jekyll and Hyde”:

below 4,500rpm, the Daytona would work like “a strong 350”; but shifting instead at 6,000rpm, we found a whole new level of performance, and a top speed of 105mph.

Triumph Tiger Daytona - 3

For unknown reasons, the seller thinks this is the bigger brother Bonneville – though the Bonnies were 650cc engines. We’ll try not to get to upset about it. The seller says his bike is in good shape, and it starts on the first or second kick. The bike comes with tires with less than 100 miles on them, and a new battery. Bonus points for the right side shifter, which I have to admit looks weird next to the kickstarter. Old Triumphs always look good in all-black.

Triumph Tiger Daytona - 4

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Find this Triumph Tiger Daytona here on Cycle Trader in New York City for $5,499.

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