1971 Bridgestone Mountaineer 90

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Post Listing Update: This Mountaineer did not get any interest at the BIN of $2,999.

In 1964, Bridgestone introduced a series of 90cc motorcycles – there were 9 different models based around 4 primary designs. One of the designs was the Mountaineer, and you can probably guess by the name that this was built to go off-road.

The Mountaineer’s engine produced 8 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and it was paired with a 4-speed transmission. It was claimed to be able to climb a 45 degree angle or have a top speed of 60 miles per hour, depending on which one of the selectable rear sprockets you had chosen.

This example (VIN: 507004692) is said to have had just one owner. It’s claimed to run great and it shows only 881 miles on the odometer. Find this Bridgestone for sale in Madison, Wisconsin with a BIN of $2,999 here on eBay.