1971 Norton Commando Hi-Rider

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Post-Sale Update: After 37 bids on eBay, this Norton Commando Hi-Rider sold for just $4,700.

Normally, bikes get better through a production run over the years. Ask most British motorcycle enthusiasts and they’d disagree with that statement as it applies to the Commando, specifically thanks to models like the Norton Commando Hi-Rider 750. The exact reason for why this bike came out isn’t documented, but most people agree that it was an odd attempt to try and capitalize on the “Easy Rider” movement that was taking over the States.

Norton Commando Hi-Rider - Tank

There is indeed a charm to this bike if you’re a fan of ugly ducklings – some consider this to be the first mass-produced custom bike. For more information on this odd factory custom, check out this article from Andover Norton.

Norton Commando Hi-Rider - Gauges

There’s a problem though – this bike doesn’t look like how an original Hi-Rider did from the factory floor. Have a laugh with me as you take in what the Hi-Rider is supposed to look like:

Norton Commando Hi-Rider - from Bike Sales

photo from bikesales.com.au

Ignoring how ridiculous it looks (and how badly derided it was when it came out), the Hi-Rider is now appreciating in of how rare and absurd it was. But this bike is missing the two most important visual aspects of what made the Hi-Rider stand out – the ape hanger handlebars and the crazy seat. So this is a tough one – you’ll still be stuck with the laughably small fuel tank (9 liters), but you won’t get the true essence of the Hi-Rider. This specific example is a two-owner bike, though the original owner had it less than a year. The seller goes on about how well the bike works, and claims it’s quite original, but doesn’t mention the lack of the original seat, handlebars, or headlight – as this seems to be bigger than the original Hi-Rider lights, which were quite small. To be honest, there’s so many differences between an original Hi-Rider and this that I would request additional proof from the seller. Either I’m missing something huge, or he’s just taking it for granted. I’d love to hear a correction if I’ve missed something.

Norton Commando Hi-Rider - Right Side

Find this Norton Commando Hi-Rider for sale in Huntington, West Virginia with bidding up to $3,000

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