1975 Honda XL350

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Honda introduced the XL line with the XL250 in 1972. I think it was their first real effort at a bike that you could ride to the trail and on the trail. The ‘scrambler’ series that preceded the XL were really about the look, not about the ride. No mistake, this was a first effort, and the XL was going to become a real player in the genre. I owned an ‘84 and used it hard.

The XL350 was introduced as a ‘74 model, a follow up to the racier XL250. The XL 350 was gruntable until you got to deep sand. At 330 LBS it became a wallowing pig. It had a 21 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear which gave the rider a fighting chance when you got to ruts and had the feel of a ‘real enduro’ bike. It wasn’t, but the XL series let a whole generation experience the joy of off road with a bike that was very serviceable on road.

The 1975 XL 350 came equipped with a basic bash plate, but the exhaust design made the pipe vulnerable at times. Strictly a kicker, the bike was tough and reliable and easy to start. As compared to the English competition. Honda also offered this bike in a variety of colors including two tone which has since become very unusual.

The 1975 Honda XL350 used a 348CC air cooled four stroke overhead cam four valve single cylinder motor that made 22 HP. 5 speed transmission with good suspension and brakes on both ends and 8.5 inches of ground clearance made this a pretty good trail bike. Stock gearing left a top speed of about 75 MPH but there was a welter of sprocket choices that could make that go way up or way down.

This particular 1975 Honda XL350 (VIN# XL350-2012783) is in Salt Lake City, Utah and is listed as ‘a 3837 mile all original classic’. There is a list of parts that have been replaced with OEM parts. The bike is currently priced at $1,725.00

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