1978 Bultaco Streaker

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Post Listing Update: The seller of this Bultaco lowered the opening bid – bidding died out at $3,150 with the reserve not met.

One of the most desirable models from the Spanish company, the Bultaco Streaker was a beautiful little cafe racer that was only produced for 3 years. Rumors suggest that just 28 were imported into the US before the EPA changed emissions regulations in 1979, effectively rendering this bike (and most other two-stroke highway vehicles at the time) illegal.

Bultaco Streaker - Tank

The Streaker was actually offered with either a 75cc or 125cc engine – the latter produced just 10 horsepower but it was in a frame designed with help from a aerospace manufacturer, plus it came with cast aluminum wheels, a steering stabilizer, and disc brakes. Even when it was released, the bike was considered “exquisite” and a collector’s item. For more information on the Streaker (and a pleasant tale of how someone has been trying in vain to get one of these for decades), check out this tale on Hooniverse.

Bultaco Streaker - Left Side

This specific Bultaco Streaker (VIN: VB20400436) has just 383 miles. It has not been run in over a decade, and is missing the rear master cylinder. You already know that I prefer featuring running motorcycles, but I couldn’t pass a Streaker up.

Bultaco Streaker - Front Right

Find this Bultaco Streaker for sale in Lynnwood, Washington with an unmet opening bid of $4,500