1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special

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The last in the long line of Yamaha’s RD series, the RD400F (also known as the Daytona Special) is considered by many to be the best of the model line. The press went nuts for it – Cycle magazine called it “Dennis the Menace on Yokohama tires, and…the most fun street motorcycle currently available for sale.”

Compared to the RD350, the extra 50cc brought a lot more civility. The engine was more flexible, though you could still easily wheelie the bike in 2nd gear, and though the frame was stiff, it was more comfortable to ride. It was really was the perfect example of how the RD series had evolved from a hooligan’s toy into a more refined, but still enjoyable, sportbike.

This example (VIN: 2V0-000223) stands out to me as it got a full engine rebuild from Spec II in 2010. Though it’s missing the tool kit, it’s got some good paperwork and a color-matched aftermarket fairing that I’ve never seen put on a RD before (though it’s missing some mounting hardware). There’s a small dent in the tank and a couple of chips on the front fender but everything is said to work. When Spec II rebuilt the motor, they truly went through the whole thing – rebuilt and welded/balanced crank, bored cylinders, new rods/pistons/rings, rebuilt carbs, all new bearings/gaskets/seals, the list goes on. In addition, they added some performance upgrades – Spec II expansion chambers, K&N air intake and filter, TDR fiber reeds, Yamaha Banshee intake crossover pipe, Spec II performance clutch, and rejetted the carbs to feed the stronger motor. The seller’s got a great video of his machine for interested parties:

Find this RD400F for sale in Longmont, Colorado with bidding up to $4,250 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $9,400 here on eBay.

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