1988 Laverda SFC 1000

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Post Listing Update: This Laverda RGS did not meet reserve despite 26 bids up to $11,100 on eBay.

I’ve been on a little bit of a Laverda kick this last week, but it’s hard not to share these fantastic bikes when they come up for sale. So with that said, here’s one of the last examples of the classic orange brand – the Laverda SFC 1000. A limited edition last gasp from the Italian firm, just 200 were intended to be produced, none for export to the US. So here’s your rare opportunity to snag one.

Laverda SFC 1000 - Right Side

While the Laverda triples were legendary in the 70s, as the 80s rolled around the bikes started to seem long in the tooth. The RGS was built as an evolution of the classic Jota, but many felt that it lost the aggressiveness of the 180 model. Laverda branded this bike (a further evolution of the RGS) with the SFC moniker in hopes ofhaving riders reminisce about the 750 SFC production racer from decades before, but the engine was too hindered by emissions to compete with the top Japanese sports bikes of the time. Still, the 981cc triple produced 100 horsepower, helping the bike attain a top speed of 143 miles per hour. But 538 pounds of weight did not help, so the SFC 1000 evolved into being a sport-tourer rather than the super-sport Laverda fans would have probably wanted. For a detailed look on this rarity, check out this scan of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure for a comprehensive write-up.

Laverda SFC 1000 - Gauges

This specific Laverda SFC 1000 (VIN: LAV*1000*RGS*3320) was brought over by the seller, who is just the second owner, from New Zealand in 2010. It still has the original paint, and has just 10,358 miles on it. It’s only been ridden once since a hefty tune-up with plenty of new parts was performed, and that might be because the bike has not yet been licensed in the US – so make sure you’ll be able to get a title and register it for the street once you buy it!

Laverda SFC 1000 - Internals

Find this Laverda SFC 1000 for sale in Los Gatos, California with bidding up to $8,600 and the reserve not yet met

Laverda SFC 1000 - Left Side