1988 Yamaha DT50

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Post Listing Update: This DT50 was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

This bike always makes me think of Thomas the Tank Engine, with its baby blue paint scheme and the “little engine that could” possibilities.

The seller clearly enjoys little bikes!

I think I was just stunned that it could actually get around in the dirt. Sold unchanged for nearly 15 years, the Yamaha DT50MX is a baby motocrosser that might be one of the best campground bikes ever made. Or if you’re feeling super adventurous, you could turn it into a commuter and see if the 49cc 2-stroke single has enough power to get you around traffic. I actually saw one at LA-Barstow-Vegas a couple of years ago. It was ridden by a 50 year old man – his thought was that he wanted one cc per trip around the sun. I never found out if he finished or not.

This example has a staggering 16,600 miles on it – that’s a lot of miles to cover with 50cc! The seller claims it’s in “great original shape”, though there’s a dent in the tank and some chips in the paint. The seat cover could be replaced and you probably want to replace the tires, but everything is said to work.

Find this DT50 for sale in Chandler, Arizona with a BIN of $1,499.99 or best offer

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