1997 Yamaha FZR600

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The Yamaha FZR600 had a solid 10 year run from 1989 until 1999 before finally being replaced by the now-legendary R6. The FZR never sold as well as the Honda CBR, and it was not as flashy as the Kawasaki ZX-6R that debuted in 1995, but it was a good performer that was very reliable and got positive reviews for its excellent handling thanks in large part to its Deltabox frame. Many new racers got their start on an FZR and whole lot of these bikes ended up on tracks all over America.

I was always a bigger fan of the smaller FZR400 and I even had a non running project bike that someone had swapped in the larger 600 engine, I was too busy to get it running and now regret selling it!

This 1997 FZR600 is in some pretty rare colors, it also looks to be a low mile (5,979) survivor in original condition which is hard to find these days. I would like to think that your average Yamaha owner was a better steward of bikes than the guy you might find riding a Gixxer but not a whole lot of these bikes came out of the 90’s unscathed…this one even has its original exhaust!

Find this 1997 Yamaha FZR600 for $3,900 in Omaha, Nebraska here on Craigslist.