1999 Corbin Sparrow

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Post-Sale Update: After 9 bids on eBay, this Corbin Sparrow sold for $6,256.56.

Alright, it might be a stretch to call this a motorcycle, but as it was developed by Mike Corbin (of Corbin seat fame), we’ll let this one slide.  In addition to his famous aftermarket seat company, Corbin pursued electric vehicle development for many years.  In fact, he set a land speed record in 1974 for electric powered vehicles on a custom-built bike, hitting a top speed of 171.102 miles per hour.  His dreams of creating an electric vehicle led to the Corbin Sparrow, what Mike considered a Personal Transit Module.

Corbin Sparrow - Front

This 3-wheeler was built for just a single rider, and it was designed so that you could drive it with just a motorcycle license.  Depending on how hard you flogged it, the advertised range was between 30 and 60 miles. The seller claims the vehicle will go 75 mph, and that it will only go 20-25 miles on a charge. It’s street legal, and has just a couple of gears – forward and reverse.

Corbin Sparrow - Gauges

This specific Corbin Sparrow is in great shape, and has less than 2,000 miles. You’ll get a new set of tires and 13 batteries that can be charged with a standard 110v outlet. Ever wanted a vehicle that looks ridiculous, and has what seems to be one taillight from a TJ-series Jeep Wrangler? Then we’ve got the ‘bike’ for you!

Corbin Sparrow - Interior

Find this Corbin Sparrow for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $6,000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Corbin Sparrow - Left Side