2000 Bimota 500 V-Due

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The V-Due is one of the most interesting things that ever came out of Bimota, and it’s incredibly rare in any form. If you’re very patient, you can some times find a 0-mile example for sale with corresponding pictures in a garage or collection. But what’s seemingly even more rare is to find a picture of a V-Due just out on a street actually running!

The V-Due came out to tremendous fan-fare as the first two-stroke with fuel injection – yielding a greater power to weight ratio than anything else available on the market. But the fuel injection was awful, and the bikes were incredibly difficult to ride. Combine that with a large number of seized engines, and this bike was an unfortunate disaster. Though the execution was utter garbage, the theory behind this bike was incredible. At a time when everyone else was moving away from 2-strokes, Bimota wanted to release an absolute world beater. They were going to get around some of the emissions issues by utilizing fuel injection, and it also featured trick components like a dry clutch and race-inspired cassette transmission. But then the public actually got a chance to ride it, and as Visordown put it, “Within 200 yards it became apparent to most UK testers that the V-Due was virtually unrideable.” This bike is worth learning more about – but I’ll defer you to OddBike for a fantastic article explaining how this bike “killed” Bimota.

This example has 212 miles and the seller says it runs great. He purchased it approximately 4 years ago from Bimota Spirit – one of maybe 3 of 4 people in the world who properly knows how to get these bikes running. It’s equipped with a carb and the sale includes NOS bodywork (the sides and front fairing) still in the plastic wrapping.

Find this V-Due for sale in Salinas, California with a BIN of $45,000 or best offer here on eBay.

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