2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R

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Post Sale Update: This ZX-12R sold for $5,655 after 25 bids on eBay.

Can you imagine what bikes we’ll be looking forward to riding in the year 3000? In the year 2000, this was it. The Kawasaki ZX12R, meant to take the horsepower wars to the Hayabusa while spanking it around a track. Cycle World details the story of top speed and horsepower, but it ends with the ZX-12R being the second fastest bike in a straight line with suspension to remind you it wasn’t just made for the straights.

What’s interesting about this bike is that the owner claims it is “factory unrestricted” and will smash the 186mph top speed that earned it second place behind the Hayabusa. Manuals, literature, and service receipts are included with the 4,150 mile machine. In the year 2000, before my friends and I were looking at the H2 thinking 300hp was next level technology, a different group of guys drinking the same beer were looking at this retro rocket ship thinking the same thing. I think the current owner was one of those guys, and he maintained this vehicle accordingly.

Find this ZX-12R for sale in Newport Beach, California with bidding up to $4,038

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