2003 Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber

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Post-Sale Update: This Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber was relisted but still could not meet reserve at $9,600.

The Silver Bomber was a limited edition of the Clydesdale model from Steed Musclebikes. Formed in 1989, Steed was founded by John Covington, who built the company into one of the more interesting custom cruiser shops in the US. The shop got so proficient at customizing HD’s that they actually produced 33% of the bikes featured in the official 1993 Harley Davidson calendar. Unfortunately, the company came to an unceremonious end soon after being sold to Patriot Motorcycles in 2005. One year later, the manufacturing plant was liquidated.

Surgical Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber - Exhaust

The Clydesdale featured a classic V-Twin engine with interesting cosmetic touches like a large chrome front end, stretched 5 gallon fuel tank, and full steel fenders. They tried to update classic looks with modern technology, and by the accounts of motorcycle reviewers of the time, Steed was rather successful. A lot of this was due to their proprietary “Monotail” technology, which led to the single-shock chassis.

Surgical Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber - Front Right

This Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber has had some serious work done, leading to its cover page status on several magazines. The original sale price was nearly $45,000, which got you plenty of chrome, an incredible custom paint job, and the perfectly-appropriate Tail Gunner pipes, which apparently rotate in opposite directions.

Surgical Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber - Front

Find this Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $10,500 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Surgical Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber - Left Side

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