2006 Yamaha FZ1N

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Yamaha is making waves nowadays with the FZ-09 naked triple, but our European riding brethren have been able to enjoy powerful naked bikes with the tuning fork logo for years. A distinct example of this would be the Yamaha FZ1 – the fantastic engine of a R1 (albeit retuned for more of a sport touring application) with a riding position you could enjoy all day. It’s a bike that makes a lot of sense, though it doesn’t sell all that well in the US. In the US, this bike is only offered with a fairing, but in Europe you could buy the Yamaha FZ1N, a naked variant with comfortable ergos and all the wind flow you could handle. Here we’ve got a FZ1 sold in the US that’s been converted into the FZ1N naked version. Nifty!

Yamaha FZ1N - Track Time

Yamaha’s Australian page calls this “the thinking man’s R1”, which seems like an odd way to alienate the much bigger customer base that just buys the R1…but that’s a discussion for another day. In the US, 2006 was the start of the current generation, which was completely revised with a new chassis, suspension, body work, and more. The engine produced 150 horsepower, good for a top speed of 160 miles per hour. Whether or not you liked this bike really depended on your riding style – most sport touring riders expected a little more power down low, but weren’t expecting the nutty power up top above 8,000 rpm. I guess that’s what happens when you stuff a liter-bike race rep engine into a ‘thinking man’s’ bike.

Yamaha FZ1N - Cockpit

This specific Yamaha FZ1N has a healthy 68,800 miles, over 50k of which were put on by the current owner. It’s got a few changes, like the front suspension from a ’06 R1, Rizoma bars, CRG mirrors, but obviously the big difference here is the naked conversion, which was done by a previous owner and done with full OEM Yamaha parts. The ’06 FZ1 had some fueling issues (which were sorted out by ’07), but this bike has been fixed up with a PC3 and some tuning, and the seller claims there’s no more fueling issues. There’s also an incredibly faint oil leak, but the seller does a good job explaining the situation.

Yamaha FZ1N - Front Right

Find this Yamaha FZ1N for sale here on the Bay Area Riders Forum in San Jose, California for $3,200.