2007 Suzuki DR650SE

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Post Listing Update: This DR did not get any interest at the asking price of $3,200.

The recent uprising of supermotos both on the street and the track has driven up the price of dual sports. Even my own search for a traffic axe left me empty handed. However, with some perseverance, you can still find iron workhorses. The Suzuki DR650SE is just that; a workhorse. They can carry you to work, to the gym, to your camping trip, and everywhere in between with a grin on your face. All while the counterbalanced engine keeps you comfortable compared to its rivals. Cycle World praises the DR650 on their list of Best Used Bikes.

This listing has several highlights, including fresh fluids, a new plug, a new battery, and tires. 8,650 miles leave plenty of room for exploration, while suggesting that the owner cared enough to at least ride it a little bit. The bike appears to be bone stock, without even a tear in the seat to note. Find this DR for sale in Avoca, Michigan with a BIN of $3,200 or best offer