2008 Suzuki B-King

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The Suzuki B-King is on my list of bikes that I want to own someday but just have not got around to searching one out and plunking down the cash. And search you will as they are quite rare nowadays. Sold only in 2008, right smack in the middle of the great recession. Suzuki did not manage to get a lot of the these on the street and that is a shame as they really are a great UJM style bike in a modern, insanely fast package.

I have had a few chances to spend some time on a B-King and I really liked everything about the bike, yes, even the looks!! It has the wonderful Hayabusa engine that has some serious brute force power but is also incredibly smooth at the same time. The brakes are fantastic, and while it is a bit on the heavy side I found the handling very good. Ditch the stock exhaust for something lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, like the Yoshimura pipes this bike is sporting and its streetfighter sound and appearance gets even better.

This seller of this B-King has setup the bike to be a sport touring steed with luggage racks, a more comfortable seat and a tall windscreen, a perfectly reasonable idea in my book. For the asking price and modifications this seems like a pretty fair deal as I do not see a lot of these for sale and prices are not only staying steady on the used market but they seem to be climbing!

Find this 2008 Suzuki B-King for $6,000 in Firestone, Colorado here on Craigslist.