2009 Kawasaki KLR650 M1030M1

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Post Listing Update: This diesel KLR did not get any interest at the asking price of $14,000. It was later relisted at the same price with the same result.

In 1997, the US Navy announced that it was consolidating the various types of fuel it provided for military vehicles. Diesel motorcycle research at Hayes Diesel Technology (HDT) was already underway, and they were awarded the development contract. The relationship lasted through 2010, with the final production phase resulting in 214 Kawasaki KLR650-based M1030M1-JP8 combat ready motorcycles. 670CCs of high compression controlled chaos results in 33 hp and 95 mph. The bike is good for over 400 miles between fill ups, in addition to being capable of running on seven different kinds of fuel. Both are hugely impressive feats on their own, but combined make for the ultimate military grade motorcycle…or zombie apocalypse support vehicle.

This 2009 Hayes Diesel Technology M1030M1 (VIN: JKAKLEA15YA057119) is the second to last iteration of their diesel engine technology, the -M1 denoting military spec, while the -M2 models were sold to the public. Only 1029 miles are on the clock, but the seller is honest about it having some scuffs. Being an ex-military vehicle, I can only imagine what the rider experienced during those miles. The listing notes that services have been completed, and the included Operator Maintenance Manual is a very welcome addition. A clean Florida title is included along with a startup video for anyone who wants to know what a (non-turbo) diesel motorcycle sounds like. The Buy it Now price is set at $14,000, with offers accepted. With only 214 of these are on the road, how much would you offer for this…Kawasaki?

Find this diesel Kawi for sale in Orlando, Florida with a BIN of $14,000 or best offer

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