2014 EBR 1190RX

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Post Listing Update: This EBR did not get any interest at the opening bid of $7,100.

I’m a fan of Erik Buell – the man refused to let his dreams die, and while his business may have failed, there are a few EBR 1190RX models left for us to remember his genius by. 185hp comes from an 1190cc v-twin and is paired with a moderate helping of electronic aids. The frame doubles as the fuel tank, the swingarm is bolted to the rear of the engine, and the single front rotor is mounted on the exterior of the rim. All this, designed in Wisconsin.

If you’re lucky, you can find brand new unsold EBR 1190RX’s for barely more than $10,000, but this one-owner example has about 3,200 miles. The classic exhaust and tune have already been added, as well as a host of carbon fiber accessories. For the purists, the original parts are included as well. For $7,100, would you accept the proverbial torch and carry on the legacy of Americas Greatest Sportbike?

Find this 1190RX for sale in Waukesha, Wisconsin with an unmet opening bid of $7,100 or a BIN of $7,950

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