3 Rare Enduros – 1999 Praga ED 250

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A manufacturing company based out of Prague, Praga was founded in 1907 as an automobile manufacturer – it was eventually acquired by the International Truck Alliance in 2006. During those 99 years, they made a wide variety of products, including tanks, buses, aircraft, and (most famously) cars. Between 1929-1933, they built motorcycles. Fast forward 66 years and Praga started up bike production again – enduros of either 250cc or 610cc displacement. Here’s three of the former, the Praga ED 250.

Praga ED 250 - Front

Finding information on this bike has been difficult, but the two-stroke 250 engine was offered as a ‘soft/street enduro’, ‘hard enduro’, and a supermoto. From what I understand, the ‘soft’ enduros were dual-sports, with lighting and the other requirements to be street legal. For more specifications (like the fact that the engine put down about 35 horsepower), check out this description on Praga’s UK site.

Praga ED 250 - Left Side

This seller has 3 former demonstration bikes that each have about 100 miles on them. They’re guaranteed to run great and have newer tires, brade pads, and fluid flushes. Find this 3-pack of Praga ED 250s for sale in Pinellas Park, Florida with bidding up to $2,025 and the reserve not yet met