689 Miles – 1981 Honda CBX SuperSport

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Honda wasn’t actually the first to put a 6-cylinder powerplant in a production motorcycle – Benelli earned that honor with the 750 Sei. Thanks to the modern day Goldwing, the idea of a 6-cylinder Honda isn’t a foreign concept, but it all started with the CBX. Built in response to a horsepower war started by Kawasaki, the CBX packed all kinds of technology and created the fastest bike of the day – complete with a quarter-mile trap speed of 117.95 @ 11.36 seconds.

Honda CBX SuperSport - Gauges

The Honda CBX SuperSport only lasted five years, but it led to a new wave of sports-oriented motorcycles, and eventually to the Honda ST series. A 6.1 gallon tank was necessary as the 6 individual carbs and monster power led to just low 20’s miles per gallon. Want to learn more? Check out Motorcycle Classic’s writeup of this legendary bike here.

“The CBX is a mountain road flyer beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.” Cycle Magazine, February 1978

For the last two years of the production run, Honda made the CBX a sport-touring superbike instead of a naked bike, throwing on a fairing and luggage. To help slow down the 6 cylinders and 600 pounds, Honda also added dual ventilated front rotors – another first in the motorcycle industry. That’s the model you’ll see here today.

Honda CBX SuperSport - Left Side

This specific Honda CBX SuperSport (VIN: SC0607BC300070) has just 689 miles and comes with an incredible set of original memorabilia. It has been in a motorcycle museum for over 20 years, and it still on the original tires. It was a “school bike”, so lots of parts have little “wrench marks”, as the seller puts it. You’ll get the tool kit, shop manual, parts list, sales brocuhures, and more. The engine turns over but when the bike was set up for the museum, a small amount of fuel was left in the tank, and the carbs weren’t completely drained. So, the tank has a tiny amount of rust, and who knows what you’ll need to do with the carbs. Still – I’ve never seen a CBX with this few miles, and it’s a fair assumption that most people haven’t either.

Honda CBX SuperSport - Right Side

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