855 Miles – 2002 Yamaha V-Max

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The name told you all you need to know: when the V-Max debuted in 1985, it was a cruiser dedicated to speed. Reviewers and consumers responded positively – it instantly won Cycle Guide’s “Bike of the Year” award and it barely had any changes for the next 22 years. It was arguably the definitive muscle bike.

The technical highlight of the 1,198cc V4 was “V-Boost”, a system of servo-operated butterfly valves that connected the intake manifolds of each pair of cylinders. It simulated the effect of a supercharger at high RPMs as the cylinder in the intake stroke would get the air and fuel from two carbs at once. In conjunction with other modifications like larger intake/exhaust valves, bigger carbs, and revised camshafts boosted power from 90 hp in the Venture to a claimed number of over 140! For more on what it was like to ride the V-Max, check out this “Retrospective” from Rider. The most significant changes over the first 22 years of production were in 1993, when the V-Max got bigger 43mm front forks and four-piston brake calipers. Between 1999-2002, Yamaha ditched the paint and bestowed the V-Max with bodywork that looked like carbon fiber.

This example (VIN: JYA2WEE082A085451) has just 855 miles and it recently got an oil change, carb rebuild, new battery, and new tires so it’s ready to ride. Upgrades include a windshield, backrest with luggage rack, highway pegs, aftermarket grips, and a battery tender lead. The sale includes the original tires for collectability purposes if the new owner wants them.

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