Abhi Buys a Honda RC30, Part 5 – All Good Things Come To An End

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I’m sad to say it, but my RC30 is no longer my RC30. Over at Iconic we recently entered into a partnership with Rich Chase of Kamikaze Motorsports, and we recently traded some inventory to sell. Unfortunately, one of those bikes had to be my RC30…so now I’m on the hunt for a new commuter!

Here’s the RC30’s new home:

Here’s what Rich’s collection looked like three years ago:

I’m glad that lots of people got to learn more about the joys of the RC30 thanks to Zack Courts’ Daily Rider episode with my bike on RevZilla, and some of the comments were truly heartwarming to me:

So the RC30 chapter of my ownership story concludes, but a new one has already begun. Ready to guess what it is? Well, you’ll have to wait until the next story to find out…

After the RC30 sale, I had a little bit of cash burning a hole in my pocket…and a change of perspective. I used to think that a motorcycle commuter should be practical first, and then fast/stylish/whatever it might be. Hell, I never would have bought a daily rider that didn’t have factory luggage. But the RC30 changed everything for me – my commute is only about 20 minutes, and now I’m totally fine with something impractical if it makes me happy every time I get on it.

A few bikes came through the auction site that caught my eye:
Ducati 1299 Superleggera – I took this on one of the Iconic Sunday Rides and it was absolutely staggering because it weighs just 367 pounds dry!

This sold to Arizona, $48,000

EBR 1190RX 1776 Edition – I took this home one night and was impressed with how comfortable it was for a sportbike. It’s one of just 7 examples so it’s rare and patriotic.

Sold to Northern California, $15,000

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker – I even considered this but for some reason I struggle to connect with Triumphs and it was a little too wild for me.

Sold to Southern California, $19,528

Aprilia Tuono Racing – I’ve always lusted after this bike and finally got the chance to ride one after a friend let me borrow his for my Aprilia Tuono V4 First Ride video. This one was owned by a friend that I trust (and it meant a lot that he put it up for sale on Iconic), I would have strongly considered buying it if it didn’t meet reserve but it sold. I also found that the tank interfered slightly with my thighs, so I keep telling myself that it wasn’t a perfect fit to make myself feel better that I don’t own one.

Sold to Southern California, $7,799

Ecosse Moto Works Heretic – A very weird part of me even considered this because I love V-Twins and I love the components. But it’s too damn loud and I didn’t think it made much sense as a daily commuter (then again, the RC30 didn’t make much sense either). I also just assumed (maybe unfairly) that it wouldn’t be reliable. It did make a great sound, though!

Sold to Idaho, $37,557

I’m lucky that lots of cool things come through Iconic on basically a daily basis – yesterday we got two Petronas FP1s in but a.) I wouldn’t trust them to be a commuter and b.) I don’t want to spend that much money on a motorcycle (but if you do, call me). You can also check out our Instagram to see what’s coming in and going out all the time.

But then something came up that I’ve wanted for a while, and I made the seller an offer before it went up on the auction block. Here’s a hint, can you guess what it is? Update coming soon…