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Never Ridden – 2001 BMW R1150R

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BMW’s R1150R standard wasn’t a particularly sexy bike, but they’re excellent workhorses for taller commuters or people that just want to travel on two wheels. That’s why they typically cover lots of miles in a given year, and it’s what makes this example particularly special as it has just 2km on the odometer (the bike is in Canada) because it’s …

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1979 Maico GS400 Enduro

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Post Sale Update: This Maico sold for $3,505 after 6 bids on eBay. Thanks to a Tusk dual sport kit, this restored Maico is street legal in California. While the headlight runs off the stator, the tail light and turn signals are powered by a rechargeable nickel cadmium battery.

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1928 BMW R52

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Designed to be a tourer, the BMW R52 featured a 486cc boxer twin that generated 12 horsepower. The three-speed transmission had just been redesigned for this model, during a time frame when BMW was constantly making changes. Due to this, BMW switched to pressed-steel frames by the end of 1929, meaning the rare R52 was produced for just two years.

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1961 BMW R50S with Steib LS200

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The R50S was the little brother of the legendary R69S, and it was a relatively rare motorcycle in BMW’s history as just 1,634 were produced 1960 and 1962. This example was restored in 2012 and it’s been paired with a beautiful color-matched Steib LS200 sidecar.

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Lithuanian Custom – 2007 BMW R1200RT

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Post Listing Update: This custom RT did not get any interest at the BIN of $6,499. I share this not because I’m in love with the end result, but because I’m stunned someone decided to start with the RT as a platform to customize with. Called the “White Swan”, this bike was created by Mantas Simanauskas, who goes by Si …

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2004 BMW R1150R Rockster

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BMW announced the Rockster prototype in 2002 with asymmetrical headlights and an attention grabbing paint scheme. Despite being a parts bin bike, it caused enough of a stir to go into production. Though heavily based on the standard R1150R, the Rockster was the first boxer engine to have twin spark cylinder heads that later became standard fare. Other differences from …

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Sport Touring – 1975 BMW R90S

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Post Listing Update: This R90S did not meet reserve despite 39 bids up to $8,000 on eBay. The R90S is one of BMW’s most famous bikes, and it was an instant game-changer when it was released in 1974. With oversight from Hans Muth, this bike was built to show the world that the German firm could make more than just …

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1935 Victoria V98L

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Post Listing Update: This Victoria did not meet reserve despite 46 bids up to $3,300 on eBay. Founded in 1886 as a bicycle manufacturer, Victoria produced motorcycles from 1901 through 1968. In the beginning, they used third party motors, but they produced engines in-house starting in 1923 – though this 98L uses a 125cc Fichtel & Sachs powerplant.

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1964 DKW Hummel 115

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Post Sale Update: This DKW – sold for $8,700 after 22 bids on eBay. In the early 1960s, Zweirad Union was comprised of DKW, Victoria, and Express. The first two companies shared a model that was boringly named either the DKW Type 115 or the Victoria Type 155. Both bikes got a much more interesting nickname from the public: the …