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$4,000 – 2.5 Suzuki GT750s

In Japan, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi4 Comments

The Suzuki GT750, also known as the Water Buffalo, was the bike that put Suzuki on the map in the United States. Introduced as competition to the big bikes of the day, like the Honda CB750 and the Triumph Bonneville, this bike was basically a T500 with an extra cylinder and liquid cooling crafted on.

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1987 BMW K75C

In Germany, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi4 Comments

I will concede that BMW K75 is not the sexiest motorcycle that’s ever been built – I remember that the editors of Motorcyclist once called it “the two-wheel equivalent of Birkenstocks.” With that said, I have a soft spot in my heart for these bikes, which I consider to be some of the most reliable motorcycles ever built (and there’s …

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It’s Here – 2015 CSC Cyclone RX3

In Dual-Sport, Less than 5k by Abhi2 Comments

One of the big complaints about dual-sport bikes is that they’re just too big and heavy. There’s a small amount of 250 options out there (Yamaha probably has the best one with the WR250R), but there wasn’t a true 250 “adventurer tourer”…until now. Meet the Cyclone RX3, the result of a partnership between California Scooter Company and Zongshen, and after …

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5,285 Miles – 1994 Yamaha FZR600

In Japan, Less than 5k, Sport by Abhi2 Comments

Post-Listing Update: This FZR600 did not get any love at $2,995. Sold between ’89 and ’99, the FZR600 was an inline-four powered sportbike with a Deltabox frame. In many markets, this bike evolved into the “Foxeye” FZR/YZF, in 1994, though Yamaha kept selling this model for another 5 years. Here’s (VIN: JYA3HHE07RA070904) a low mileage example in a rare color …