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1953 Goggo 200

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Post Sale Update: This Goggo sold for $6,357 after 4 bids on eBay in Paradise Valley, California. Goggo scooters (as well as Goggomobil cars) were built by GLAS, a company founded by Andreas Glas who started by making farm equipment and was inspired to build a scooter when he saw an Italian two-wheeler in Verona, Italy at a machinery exhibition. …

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New Auction Bike – 1942 Cushman Model 32 US Navy

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Today on the auction site we’ve got a restored Cushman that most likely started life at a Naval base in San Diego, California! This example was discovered in a garage in Point Loma, California, and it’s believed that it was in service at the Naval Air Station San Diego (now known as Naval Air Station North Island on Coronado Island). …

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1969 Lady Yamaha U5

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Post Sale Update: This Lady Yamaha sold for $1,275 after 10 bids on eBay in Clermont, Florida. Back in the day, Yamaha apparently offered a special edition of the 50cc Newport scooter that was marketed to women in the most stereotypical way possible – they made it pink, added fringes to the seat, and slapped a basket on the front. …

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Needs Some Work – 1963 IWL Troll

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First founded in 1936 by the Daimler-Benz Company for the purpose of producing military aircraft engines, Industriewerke Ludwigsfelde — or IWL — was a German manufacturing firm based just outside of Berlin. Because IWL was making engines for the Luftwaffe, its factory was targeted and bombed during WW2. After the war, the Soviets came and stripped most of the remaining …

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1960 Moto Guzzi Galletto

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Post Listing Update: This Galletto was pulled off eBay due to an error in the listing. Carlo Guzzi was one of Moto Guzzi’s three co-founders back in 1921, and he was the brainchild behind a scooter/motorcycle hybrid called the Galletto (cockerel in Italian). Over approximately 15 years of production, 75,000 units were sold.

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1967 Fuji Rabbit 90 S-202

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Post Listing Update: This Rabbit did not meet reserve despite 22 bids up to $750 on eBay in Richmond, Michigan. Japan’s first scooter was built in 1946 by Fuji. Called the Rabbit S-1, it was released six months before Vespa’s first model. The Rabbit was the name given to Fuji’s scooter lineup, and it ranged from the top-of-the-line Superflow down …

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Export Model – 1967 Honda P50

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Post Sale Update: This P50 sold for $2,200 after 47 bids on eBay. Honda has an extensive history with small displacement scooters and mopeds, but the P50 stands out as it was the last time the firm utilized a motor-wheel design (in which the drivetrain is all housed within the hub of the drive wheel). Most motor-wheel designs across the …

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1978 Puch Sport MKII

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Post Listing Update: This Puch did not meet reserve despite 46 bids up to $1,095 on eBay. 1973 was a bad year for cars but a great year for mopeds. The oil crisis made consumers look at more efficient forms of personal transportation, and companies like Puch benefitted from a lineup full of small mopeds like te Maxi. The Maxi …

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Ending Soon – 1949 Lowther/Indian Trike

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Post Sale Update: This Lowther sold for $8,000 after 4 bids on eBay. In the late 40s, when Indian was in its death throes, they partnered with the Lowther company of Joliet, Illinois. Lowther had already been producing scooters with a slogan of “Park Avenue Scooters with the Main Street price”. Indian rebadged an existing Lowther scooter and called it …

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1940 Excelsior Villiers Welbike

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Post Sale Update: This Welbike sold for $10,100 after 54 bids on eBay. At the request of the British government, Excelsior developed the Welbike, a tiny single seater that was designed to be dropped into combat situations via parachute-equipped containers. The goal was that it could be unpacked and ready to ride within 11 seconds.