Dirt Sports – 1989 Honda FTR250

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Available only in Japan, the Honda FTR250 was a popular ‘flat-tracker’ 223cc alternative to Yamaha’s TW series, which we saw in the states. Styled after the RS750 (Honda’s second crack at making a competitive flat tracker, which absolutely dominated the AMA with four straight championships in the 80s), the FTR was an instant 80s classic that’s still being produced to this day.

Honda FTR250 - Gauges

Sharing a surprising amount of components with the smallest Honda Shadow, the Honda FTR250 was a solid canvas for Japanese customizers. Honda made a more road-oriented version, which they called the 223S. The 223cc engine used in both bikes is a 4-stroke thumper that produces 19 horsepower and 15 pound feet of torque.

Honda FTR250 - Rear

This specific Honda FTR250 has a few needs, as it’s been sitting for a while. Get yourself a new battery and the carbs cleaned, and you should be all set – though there’s a few cosmetic issues as well.

Honda FTR250 - Right Side

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