Double Trouble – 2 New Suzuki Gamma RG500’s

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The Suzuki Gamma RG500 was a repli-racer inspired by the ’84 Gamma GP bike, which helped Suzuki win seven straight constructors championships. Here we’ve got two brand new examples that have never been started – one of which is a pre-production model.

Suzuki Gamma RG500 - Cockpit

The liquid-cooled square four engine pumped out 94 horsepower, and the bike weighed just 340 pounds dry. You got the best of Suzuki’s technology for the time, including the POSI DAMP anti-dive system and a full-floater suspension in the rear.

Suzuki Gamma RG500 - Front Left

This specific Suzuki Gamma RG500 pairing features a standard production model that was taken out of a crate in 1995 and put into a house as display, as well as a pre-production bike that was formerly owned by Suzuki of Australia. The former has the single seat cowl, the latter has a dual seat and no license plate, but they’ve both never even had fuel in them. Differences in the pre-production bike include different tires, gear linkage setup, and muffler shapes. It also comes with a verification letter from Suzuki so you know you’re getting the real thing.

Suzuki Gamma RG500 - Front Right

Find this Suzuki Gamma RG500 pair for sale in Melbourne, Australia with bidding up to $88,444 and the reserve not yet met

Suzuki Gamma RG500 - Left Side

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