Early Laverda – 1969 American Eagle 750GT

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Laverda was introduced to the American market via three models called the S, SS, and the GT. The catch is that the bikes were not officially Laverdas – they were American Eagles, the brainchild of Jack McCormack. McCormack’s story is an interesting one – after working for Honda, and showing Suzuki how to bring their bikes to the states, he decided he was sick of working for others. He created American Eagle and a full range of bikes – from 80cc to 750cc. He convinced Laverda to supply the 750cc motors and in the process showed Americans the Laverda name for the first time.

The venture wasn’t particularly successful (though Laverda was able to continue their sales in the US for some time) with just 150 examples of the 750cc bikes making their way to our shores before American Eagle went out of business. The seller doesn’t have much to say about his rare bike besides stating that it is ‘original, super nice, and has no issues.’

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