Gift Intermission – Mat Oxley’s Stealing Speed (Now Illustrated)

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One of my favorite motorcycling books ever is Mat Oxley’s Stealing Speed. It’s always been an easy recommendation, but now it’s even easier as Mat has released a new version with artwork by Christian Papazoglakis!

In a nutshell, Stealing Speed is about the defection of MZ rider Ernst Degner to Suzuki, taking with him all kinds of two-stroke engine design secrets and instantly making Suzuki a champion. It’s an amazing story that deserves to become a movie, but until that happens the next best thing is this illustrated version.

Pick it up for a rider friend or for yourself – you can order it directly from Mat Oxley’s site for £24.00 (currently $31), which includes shipping from the UK.

If you’ve already read Stealing Speed, check out this list of motorcycle books Gregor Halenda shared back in 2015!

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