Good as Gold – 2007 Benelli TNT Cafe Racer

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Post-Sale Update: After 10 bids on eBay, this Benelli TNT Cafe Racer sold for $6,900.

The Benelli TNT Cafe Racer isn’t actually a cafe racer. It’s a polarizing, unique, and incredibly exciting naked bike that will get the attention of everyone around you as they try to figure out what the heck they’re looking at. A championship-winning marque in the 50s, Benelli almost faded into obscurity before being taken over by Andrea Merloni, who rejuvenated the brand and brought out distinctive models that were occasionally plagued by reliability issues. Fast forward to today – Benelli is now owned by a Chinese corporation.

Benelli TNT Cafe Racer - Left Side

When this bike came out, every review had some sort of pun playing off TNT and how explosive it was, but TNT actually stands for Tornado Nuda Tre. Tornado is the model name, and the rest translates to Naked Triple. And what a triple it is. Benelli also makes some 4 cylinder engines, but they simply aren’t as effective or enjoyable as the 160 horsepower triple powering this incredibly shiny bike.

Benelli TNT Cafe Racer - Gauges

This specific Benelli TNT Cafe Racer has just 1,700 miles, and seems to be completely stock. This means you get carbon fiber accents all over the fenders and fairings, as well as Brembo brakes. But what really excites us about this bike is just how rare it is. You’ll get stares everywhere you go – from the most passionate gearheads to the most casual observers.

Benelli TNT Cafe Racer - Front

Find this Benelli TNT Cafe Racer for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $5,000 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Benelli TNT Cafe Racer - Right Side

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