Guess That Bike Revealed – Amusing Phrasing Edition

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Congratulations to Roger, who was the first to identify that this amusing phrase is from the tail section of a Yamaha SRX 250!

The US got the SRX 250 for one year only – that version was white/red with a fairing:

The Japanese version ditched the fairing but it shared the frame and the 17-hp 250cc 4-stroke single.

It also gets the amazing phrase on the tail that made it the subject of this Guess That Bike!

Have you ridden a SRX250 before? We were going to auction this off over on Iconic and I was looking forward to bring it back to life, taking it for a spin, and selling it, but this one’s just too far gone so we’re sending it back to the seller. But we’ve always got plenty of cool stuff for you to enjoy!