Guess That Bike Revealed – NZ Museum Edition

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Congratulations to Pip Bip, who was the first to correctly identify that this is an Eysink! Specifically, it’s a 1938 Eysink Alpine Hunter (or Alpenjager).

This Guess That Bike post was submitted by Ted Clough, and he did quite well as this had the most incorrect guesses of any guessing post I’ve done before. I had never heard of Eysink before, so consider me impressed that Pip Bip was able to figure it out!

Eysink is a Dutch company that was founded in 1886. They started building cars in 1897 and motorcycles in 1898, per Sheldon’s EMU. Before WWII, they utilized Villiers two-strokes and fou-strokes from Rudge/JAP. The latter is what you’ll find in the bike below. According to Yesterday’s, the 1938 model was given a high cam 350cc JAP motor and only approximately 20 were built in that year. They suggest that just two are three are known to survive.

Eysink stopped producing motorcycles in either ’56 or ’57, but they built mopeds through the mid 60s. In fact, if you’d like to see a Eysink in the US, your best bet may be the Lane Motor Museum, where they have an Eysink tandem moped in their collection.

Here’s a few more photos for you, courtesy of Ted:

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